Westfield Carousel

State of Kin was engaged to bring five sepa­rate premises to life at Westfield Carousel, including four hospitality spots in the rooftop dining precinct and a retail space. Completed during the centre’s extensive re­deve­lopment in 2019, the spaces embody each brand’s unique personality while setting a new stand­ard for shopping centre retail and dining experiences.

When Two Fat Indians decided to open its first location in Perth’s southern suburbs, they called on State of Kin to design an im­pact­ful fit-out reflective of the restau­rant’s rich, flavourful cuisine. We layered vibrant tones with curves and arches, plus a touch of brass to pay homage to the material that is considered to reap good luck across India. A range of tiles in different textures and forms were used to add a contemporary touch.
Rich tones, curved forms and touches of brass coalesce in Two Fat Indians’ vibrant, layered fit-out.
Asian fusion venue Little Bao was designed to be adaptable, with the ability to open and close sections as desired to capture light and air or to create more intimate and warm seating areas. We counterbalanced strong angles with soft curves and rounded elements to create an inviting dining experience.
Little Bao’s interiors reflects the restaurant’s distinctive personality with varied seating areas, warm timbers and terracotta tiling.
Pho House’s bold design brings to life the flavours of Viet­nam within a contemporary and tranquil setting. Inspired by French-Viet architecture and traditional eateries, the space embraces a calming green palette en­riched with walnut textures. Vibrant black and pink accents further add energy and modernity to the breezy space.
Awning windows create connection to the outside and add an eclectic feel harking back to traditional Viet­namese eateries.