Rude to Stare

Rude to Stare is a forward-thinking lingerie destination that helps its clients express confidence. State of Kin designed an experience for its new Claremont store that would leave a lasting impression, using tonal hues, undulating shapes, and contrasts between hard and soft finishes. Behind an iridescent façade, a curvilinear steel entrance and chain wall act as a portal into the lavender interior, featuring organic forms with hidden storage and curved stainless steel railings artfully displaying the lingerie. Rude to Stare’s retail space balances the intricate with the impactful, creating an immersive environment for its clientele.

An iridescent film applied to the façade captures and reflects light, casting the store in an ever-changing glow.
Rude to Stare invites clients to linger and immerse themselves in its captivating world.
Stainless steel rails with undulating forms balance aesthetics with functionality, artfully displaying the lingerie collections.