Pan Pacific Perth

State of Kin completed a series of restaurants and bars within Pan Pacific Perth as part of its 2018 refurbishment, including Uma Res­tau­rant, Uma Bar and the Hill Street Pub. We designed each space to capture its distinct offering and personality while still harbour­ing a connection to the existing hotel.

Uma Bar embraces a distinctly West Aust­ralian palette with tones of tangerine, maroons, and soft pinks, alongside bone and olive hues reflecting the region’s pink salt lakes and stunning sunsets. Its lounge feat­ures dark timber floors, geometric tim­ber ceilings, and fluid, graceful garden beds that bring both calm and charisma to the re­imag­ined space.
Soft bone and olive hues were introduced through the furniture selections, comple­menting the dark wood and rich maroon surrounds.
Uma Restaurant is an opulent and intimate space that subtly nods to the Peruvian cuisine it serves. Vibrant tones of burgundy, blue and terracotta form the palette of the space while geometric patterns, walkways and curves cre­ate balance and interest. A central booth was introduced as a focal point, while an elevated dining space at the rear is more private and creates the oppor­tunity for long table dining.
Terracotta tiles create a striking contrast against rich blue hues, subtly referencing the vibrancy of Peruvian cuisine.
A wink to the Aussie pub culture of old, mixed with the modern sophistication expected from a refurbished CBD hotel, the Hill Street Pub seamlessly unites these two concepts. In-keeping with the hotel refresh and its lobby bar, these softer and more feminine tones are complemented with deeper and lusher colours. This new moody palette nods to its heritage while high-quality finishes and details bring contemporary refinement.
The Hill Street Pub draws on the rich hues associated with Federation-era pubs, while exerting a level of sophistication con­sistent with the wider hotel experience.