Circles of Hair

Circles of Hair is a buzzing salon located in Perth’s inner city suburb of Subiaco. State of Kin’s reinvention of the space builds on the existing industrial bones with layers of steel and glass, contrasted by a bold use of colour, shape, and materiality inspired by the 1980s Memphis move­ment. Sleek workspaces add extra refinement, while colour is used to punctuate other functional areas, creating separation without the need to build walls or install curtains.

Bold colours combine with layers of steel to create a functional yet highly appealing space reflecting the buzzing energy of the salon.
Colour is used to highlight functional areas, such as product displays, relinquishing the need to create a physical sepa­ration between spaces.
One of the hallmarks of the 1980s Memphis design movement, curved forms are among the playful accents that characterise the space.
A sparing use of plinths give the salon a gallery-like feel, nodding to Circles of Hair’s artistry.
The team at State of Kin is unparalleled. I knew I could trust their vision, and they delivered to a T on both design and build quality. During the building phase, they worked with us to keep our business open and operating throughout the process. Our beautiful new space is loved by both clients and staff alike. Sharlene Lee, Owner, Circles of Hair