Our architects are driven by a simple ethos: parameters create possibilities. A rigorous process of due diligence and development defines the parameters of each project we undertake, fostering the space to dream, to test experiment­al thinking and to find new ideas. Once our vision is defined and tested, we en­gage with the relevant authorities and navi­gate the planning process, before our projects are brought to life through detailed technical drawings and the work of trusted master builders who translate our concepts.

Interior Design

Our interiors team works in tandem with our architects, both responding to and inspiring project briefs through considered design decisions. We start by envisioning the func­tion and experience of a space, which is then brought to life through materiality, lighting and spatial organisation. From the broad strokes to the fine details, we favour unexpect­ed materials, artisanal quality, and thoughtful curation of furniture, objects and artwork. We want the spaces we create to feel cohesive, liveable, and intentional.


Our construction arm brings decades of know­ledge and experience to each project, providing confident solutions for ambitious design and the polished refinement that sets our work apart. Our expertise spans project management, quantity surveying and site supervision, which we employ alongside our long-standing relationships with skilled, reliable tradespeople, specialists and artisans. With more than 90 years of combined ex­perience behind us, we relish the opportunity to tackle new challenges and expand the capa­city of our craft.


Founded in 2016, State of Kin is a dy­namic team of architects, designers and construction professionals who bring passion and rigour to every project.

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